Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Decandido's "Leverage: The Zoo Job" Will Have These Thieves Stealing Your Attention

3rd Quarter Outside Reading Book Review

Leverage: The Zoo Job by Keith R. A. Decandido, Berkeley Publishing Group, 2013               Genre: Fiction

Leverage Inc. is a group of five thieves located in Boston who find average people who have been cheated and/or lied to by big corporations and the rich people who own them. Nate is the mastermind of the operation and uses his quick thinking to lead his team through operations time and time again. This time their mission objective is to recover some rhinos that seemingly disappeared on their way to the zoo and they must travel to Africa to get the information they need. Was this the fault of a corrupt governmental system or a man who would do anything to help the children he looks after?

I can’t provide a quote about the book from the book jacket because I read this book as an ebook and it doesn’t have those quotes, or a book jacket.

The writing style seemed similar to that of most crime drama novels because there was a problem that a team had to gather information on and then systematically follow leads. It also reminded me of crime drama novels in that he moves from period in time to period time very quickly and it doesn’t make sense until the end.

“Then Eliot threw Polonia to the ground, cried, “Go, go, go!” Sophie hit the accelerator, and only then did Eliot close the door” (Chapter 18(ebook)).

I like this book especially because I like the TV show it is based on and think it has a good message, that just because someone is rich, doesn’t mean they’re right.

4 paws= pounce on it, it is a great book, might not be good if you haven’t watched the show leverage.

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